How to Remove GMAIL ‘Inbox Tabs’

Recently GMAIL upgraded their service to include something called “Inbox Tabs,” a way of splitting up the user’s Inbox into distinct sections based on where the mail is coming from.  In theory, the division is a nice feature, an advanced way of using labels.  But for those who want one Inbox, Inbox Tabs are just annoying.  Fortunately, it’s not a hard fix.

First you have to locate the options sprocket, which is in the right corner right below your GMAIL username.  Click the sprocket then click “Configure Inbox.”  From there, you need to uncheck every box on the left until nothing but “Primary” is checked, then click “Save.”

You will be given a small message stemming from your sprocket.  Click the even smaller “X” and enjoy your single Inbox.  For help with an Android-based mobile device, click here.


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  2. Shel says:

    Thank you G, simple and painless!