How to Remove GMAIL ‘Inbox Tabs’ for Android

Last Friday I discussed how to remove GMAIL “Inbox Tabs” for users accessing the service through a normal browser on a desktop or laptop computer.  But what about users running Android on a mobile device?  My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet (Android 4.1.1) gave me trouble at first, and I thought I should share my findings.

First, look to the right corner of your mobile device, and press the options menu (marked by the hand drawn arrow).  From this drop menu, press “Settings.”  If you don’t see this option, make sure you have pressed the options menu while on the Inbox screen (which you can reference in the top left corner).

When you press “Settings,” click on the second option on the left, which should be your GMAIL username.  You’ll see a few options to your right, including “Inbox categories.”  Underneath this header you will see what is currently check marked.  All you want to see is “Primary.”  If that’s not the case, press “Inbox categories.”

When you press “Inbox categories” (reference picture), you will be given the option to check or uncheck every category you want.  Notice there is no way to save this information.  This part is the tricky part.  What you will have to do is uncheck everything you don’t want in “Categories to Enable” (don’t worry about “Starred Messages”), then recheck, then uncheck again.  That seemed to do the trick.  When done, press “General settings” on the top left to go back to your Inbox, then press the “Inbox” button (top left) to get to your Inbox menu.  If all you see is Inbox and Priority Inbox, you’re set.  If not, start over again.

This time select “Refresh” from options rather than “Settings.”  Check your Inbox menu, and if there are still other categories go back to “Settings” and see if there are still categories that you need to uncheck.  This part, it seems, needs to be tinkered around with a bit.  Eventually, you’ll be free of those extra categories.


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