Like any good web citizen, I have taken on many identities over the course of my digital existence.  Washington Wizards fans and writing colleagues know me as DCWIZ through my Twitter coverage for Examiner.com (Washington Wizards Examiner).  Players of the MMORPG Ultima Online and the MOBA League of Legends know me as G.v.P, Lycanthropy, or xGvPx.  For those who know me through college at George Mason University (GMU), or for those who know me prior, you probably know me by my real name, or “that guy.”

After six years covering the Wizards and trying to find my “real” job, I am back at GMU pursuing a Master’s in teaching English.  I love grunge music, films like Fight Club, Goodfellas, 300, Sin City, In Bruges, and other inanimate objects, “The Walking Dead,” punk music, hip hop, southern rock, blues, funk, G.I. Joe, the Redskins, and all kinds of things in between.  This blog will go every place and interest I did not go at Examiner.com, and some places and interests I did (hopefully).

Wherever, and however you came here, thanks for stopping by.  Thanks for reading and stay classy, Internet, you’re our only hope.  Be sure to share your blogs with me, as well.  You know how to reach me, and if you don’t, start with Twitter.


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