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The End of ‘Winamp?’

For better or worse, technology is ever changing.  Most of the time I hold on to a good stable program for as long as I can, avoiding updates with an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.  But sometimes … Continue reading

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How to Remove GMAIL ‘Inbox Tabs’ for Android

Last Friday I discussed how to remove GMAIL “Inbox Tabs” for users accessing the service through a normal browser on a desktop or laptop computer.  But what about users running Android on a mobile device?  My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 … Continue reading

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How to Remove GMAIL ‘Inbox Tabs’

Recently GMAIL upgraded their service to include something called “Inbox Tabs,” a way of splitting up the user’s Inbox into distinct sections based on where the mail is coming from.  In theory, the division is a nice feature, an advanced … Continue reading

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